Glorietta Bombing

There was a mall bombing in Metro Manila on Friday afternoon. Eight deaths, lots of injuries. Initial reports that it was a propane tank explosion have been updated — a deliberate TNT or C4 explosive device is now the likely culprit. Update: Now eleven deaths, dubious claims of responsibility via text message, and “accident, no, C-4, no, accident, no, C-4, no, accident…”

The blast was in Glorietta, a major Ayala shopping mall in the Makati Business District, near EDSA. I used to go to that mall all the time (since shopping malls are what pass for recreational public space in Makati) and I often passed through it on my way home to work. I still go there whenever I visit Manila on holiday. Probably not the next visit, though.

More on this from others in the Philippines, links added as I find them:

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How could this have happened? They have two security guards for men and women at every entrance thoroughly passing a wand over every bag!!!



  1. Duling says:

    Sorry pare, the magic drumstick doesn’t work on fake handbags from Divisoria

    You can thank the Phil. military for killing innocents and the very people they’re supposed to protect. They set the bomb off to draw attention away from the bribery scandal circling Gloria. Now she can be given “emergency” powers so they can arrest anyone that spoke out against her about her bribing of all those politicians.

    Also, they did it so they wouldn’t have to explain to their soldiers why they haven’t been paid their p150 combat pay after so many years while these rich generals accept p100,000 bribes with a grin on their face.

    My only question is: Who will they kill next to protect their corrupt grip on the populace? You? Your friends? Your family? Your children? Who’s next?

  2. Rajah Solaiman group allegedly claims daw the responsibility…niloloko pa nila ang tao e cla din nmn ang gumagawa nyan ang kakapal ng nga muhkah ng nasa gobyerno!Sana karmahin kayo hangang sa kanunununuan nyo!

  3. rowie says:

    Now they’re saying it’s not a bombing. Rather, an industrial diesel tank exploded daw in the Glorietta basement.

    Whatever the cause, it’s all very sad ….