Edsa “III” – Violence

The crowd of pro-Erap rabble attempting to invade Malacañang is now being very effectively dispersed by police forces. Erap has called for peace, claiming that those marching in his support are unarmed. Untrue: one policeman has already been killed, shot in the chest with a cheap shotgun. Other pro-Erap rallyists in the march carry firearms, teargas cans, pipes, rocks, and other material. Right now, they are scattering in the streets, destroying and burning stores, cars, and other public property in their wake. In response, President Gloria has declared a state of rebellion.

The prominent pro-Erap Puwersa ng Masa senators, who earlier goaded the crowd to violence at Edsa with their calls for a class war, are now claiming they did not incite the crowd. I say that they are two-faced liars who should be arrested for their sedition and shameless abuse of the masses’ ignorance.