While chaos rages in the streets of Manila, I have been uploading and debugging my new and redesigned site. Everything has been recoded, and most layouts were changed where improvements in functionality and design were called for. Here’s some of what’s new:

* CSS is now used on all pages, rather than HTML tables. This makes the markup process a lot faster and a lot easier, provides more potential for creative design, and makes the site more accessible, both to standards-compliant browsers and lower-end web-browsing devices. My reasons for doing this can be found in Zeldman’s article, A Web Designer’s Journey.

* Frames in a few sections. Being on a banner-free host really helps, and this is the first time I’m able to use frames in a useful and judicious manner.

* New Respond section. I’m using the Megabook script now, heavily tweaked for use on Digitalrice. Old Respond entries are archived.

* My updated resume is now up for your perusal. Some new downloads and a lot of new pictures, too.

* A few new random blog-index pages. The number of blog pages remains the same, but I changed the layouts of those I didn’t like.

By the way, this layout will no longer display properly in Netscape 4.x or earlier browsers; it will instead display linear content. To view the layout, you need a standards-compliant browser, preferably IE5+.

Hope you like the new site! If you find any problems (e.g. broken links, bad CSS), don’t hesitate to leave me a note.