Gloria Apologizes

So Gloria apologized in a public address, owning up to being the voice on the tapes, but not that these necessarily indicate election fraud, and that she is not resigning. Along my line of thought that history is repeating itself, I’m reminded somewhat of Erap’s address before Edsa II, where he made a public address during the impeachment trial, and it looked like he was ready to resign, but of course he didn’t. I doubt we’re at that point just yet.

PCIJ has transcripts of the tapes, plus GMA’s own apology, and analysis of the most telling conversations which indicate that GMA had firsthand knowledge of what was going on. MLQ3 calls it too little, too late. The Sassy Lawyer almost burnt her tocino. And Arnold has thoughts on forgiveness and trust in Philippine politics.

Amusingly, my post entitled “Gloria Resign” is now at the top of the Google search results for that phrase (at the time of this writing), and the kooky kommenters are starting to come in.


  1. Noelle says:

    If there’s going to be another People Power (whether it’s #3 or #4, I’ve lost count), I’m not going to be at EDSA. I’m tired of attending rallies where the people on the stage manipulate the emotions of the attendees. I don’t want to be used anymore. (This phenomenon is called People Power Fatigue.)