WaPo, Fenty, Tobacco, Times, Johns

I really love that Washington Post endorsed Adrian Fenty for mayor in the DC Democratic Primaries, right alongside a “Lawlessness of Big Tobacco” editorial, so soon after Smokefree DC’s Fenty endorsement. Fenty was a key Smokefree DC ally a few years back, when he and Kathy Patterson drafted the DC Smokefree Workplaces Act, so to have his endorsement juxtaposed with another major tobacco industry news item is a pretty strong issues-oriented plus for his campaign — and for Smokefree DC, too.

Ah, poor Marie Johns, endorsed by the Moonie Times. I suppose it was to be expected, given the paper’s strong Republican slant and Johns’ big business background with Verizon, but a Times endorsement in a liberal city like DC is not going to be good for her campaign. QED: Rusty reconsiders his Johns vote.