Five Blades

Guess what I just bought:

We're Doing Five Blades Five. Blades. Now I am a man.

Oh yeah, baby, that’s right. A Gillette Fusion Power razor. Five blades. Count them. Five. Blades. And battery-powered micropulses. Now I am a man.

(I was originally going to try and get it free, but the catch is that you have to sign up for at least three partner offers — for deals which could potentially cost more than the price of the product — plus give your personal info to a bunch of direct marketers. I figured it was still cheaper in terms of time and money to just get it at CVS. And guess what: it was on sale for $7.99.)


  1. anj says:

    asteeeeeg! you are THE man with that blade. but, uh… do you have anything to shave? hehe! dito sa pinas, hanggang 3 pa lang ang blades.

  2. wyclif says:

    No, you’re just a latent metrosexual. Orange-coloured razors of any kind will do that.

  3. filmgoerjuan says:

    I love how Gillette disses three bladed razors in their ads for the Fusion. Basically they’re saying that if you use their Mach3 razor, you’re a giant loser (but they’re still going to sell it to you).

    Of course, aren’t you going to look foolish when the 8 bladed razor comes out in the next product cycle.