Abu Pula captured

Abu Pula captured. The AP story makes it seem at first glance that Abu Sayyaf officer Mark Bolerin Gumbahale was caught in a military battle in Mindanao, but read more closely: it just so happens that government troops were down South fighting the MILF — a separate group — at the same time. This guy, in an unrelated incident, was apprehended in Taguig (that’s the municipality right between Sucat, where I lived, and Makati, where I worked) playing a video game at an Internet cafe.

And I will bet you he was playing Counterstrike, like most Pinoy youths are these days. I wonder if he was playing Terrorist or Counter-Terrorist, eh? ;)

Update: Told you so! Intelligence agents reportedly pounced on Gumbahale … while playing “counter-strike” outside his house at the Maharlika Village in Taguig at about 11 a.m. on Thursday. (Can you see the dangling participle? Are you sure it wasn’t the agents who were playing Counterstrike?)