Miriam Defensor-Santiago goes nuts

Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago managed to embarass herself in front of the whole nation by throwing a rather undignified tantrum at the impeachment trial, live on national TV.

What happened to the woman? She used to be such a great lawyer and senator, fiery yet respectable. Now she seems to suffer from a growing self-rationalized mental instability, rabidly supporting President Erap and acting more fiery than respectable.

Well, she has lost my respect, and with that, my vote. The only way she can redeem herself now is to drop her front and vote to convict Erap. I highly doubt that; she is one of the few Senators who is absolutely certain to vote for acquittal, even in the face of all the witnesses and all the evidence presented, which establish without doubt, for most of us, that Erap does indeed have a large, fat finger in the pie.