Mayon Eruption Update: Imagery Roundup

Those of you who got here searching for “mayon volcano webcam,” sorry to disappoint, but there aren’t any live cameras pointed at Mayon 24/7 — not that I know of, anyway. At best you’ll have to settle for watching the “Mayon” tag on Flickr, and PHIVOLCS’ Mayon photos page.

(Photo uploaded by cathy_)

Latest update from PHIVOLCS reports six explosions in the last 24 hours, with lava still flowing down the mountain into the danger zone. There was a significant eruption event last Saturday, and the ABC 5 S.O.S. crew has some great photos of the violent pyroclastic flows which swept down Mayon’s slopes that day. Photographer Ninfa Z. Bito has shots of a trip into the danger zone to see the advancing lava wall.