McDo Food Poisoning

There’s a pair of email forwards going around now about food poisoning cases in local branches of McDonald’s. (Manila, Philippines, in case you didn’t know.) Specifically the branches in Glorietta Makati and Intramuros. I tracked down the emails by the signatures attached and contacted the people purportedly involved, and from what I’ve heard from them, these emails are true. It sounds like McDonald’s offered to settle with the family for the medical bills of the victims, but the family is suing for time lost at work and “emotional damages” as well. Uh-huh.

Well, here’s the FB4F page about it. Looks like this isn’t a hoax. McDonald’s Philippines, however, is keeping annoyingly silent on the issue — to their loss. From what I’ve seen on PEX, people are getting scared, and lots of McDo branches aren’t always as crowded as they used to be.

There’s a PEX topic on this too, in the Food and Drinks forum.

Update: The whole thing is an old issue by now, but remember that food poisoning incidents such as this are not as uncommon or catastrophic as the email makes it out to be, and remember that email forwarding campaigns are never a reliable way to spread word about such troubles, since the medium has no gatekeepers, and unscrupulous folk can add, subtract, or edit details to fit their own agendas or senses of humor.