Pque-NAIA Row 3

Rosanna of PEX clears up some of my misconceptions on the airport taxation row. It turns out that it’s not a matter of the airport being a government establishment; it’s the land the airport is on. And, um, the case is currently pending at the Court of Appeals. Boy is my face red.

I still find it uncouth of the local government to threaten auctioning off airport property — and the airport itself! — and closing down runways while the case with the Court of Appeals is still pending. Fund-raising for infrastructure projects should not be an excuse — this is a question of legality, not of the city’s need for money. Laws on taxation should stand whether the city is raising funds or not.

(Why am I so fixated on this airport issue anyway? I rarely comment on local news like this. Maybe it’s the fact that I might be using that airport soon to get out of here? ;)