A Larger Tremor

Big late-night earthquake in Manila just now. Mom texted to say that everyone’s okay. Initial reports of an intensity of 6.2 on the Richter scale, with epicenter west of Tagaytay, from the Manila Trench. Anyone know if Taal or Makiling are affected by that trench?

Somehow, after last month’s tremor, I had a feeling a bigger one might follow. Here it is.

Update: A bit of a dispute: PHIVOLCS says MagnitudeIntensity 4-5, epicenter near Tagaytay, while USGS says Magnitude 6.4, epicenter in Mindoro. Here’s the USGS preliminary earthquake report.

Update again: This ABS-CBN story puts the epicenter at “61 degrees west of Tagaytay.” Degrees? Are we talking longitude? Wouldn’t that put it at about 14Nx59E, somewhere in the Indian Ocean between the Indian and Arabian peninsulas?

Update yet again: Official report from Phivolcs. Okay, epicenter was Mindoro, and 61°W simply refers to direction from Tagaytay as point of reference. That clears it up a lot.