Nora Aunor leaves Erap

Movie star Nora Aunor has withdrawn her support for Erap. One of his more prominent [ex-]supporters, “Ate Guy” used to star alongside Erap in movies, and actively campaigned for Erap during the presidential race. Now she claims she is leaving his side because he has been beating her, and that she has information regarding his corrupt practices as president. Nora has a huge fan following. Let’s hope her pro-Erap fans have the sense to follow her example and stop supporting this corrupt president as well.

In the meantime, pro-Erap rallyists started gathering at Mendiola Bridge around the same time the Edsa rally was starting. However, TV and newspaper interviews with some of the supporters revealed that many were there because they had been promised a small amount of money (“food allowance” daw) for attending the rally. The amount of the bribe ranged from P40 to P250.