Exercise in Cynicism

As expected, Philippine elections last May 10th were an exercise in cynicism, with dubious incumbent GMA pulling the lead over movie star and Erap puppet FPJ, to the noisy, rancorous music of election fraud accusations. It’s greater evil versus lesser evil, and I’ll leave it up to you to decide who is which. Either way: Doom!

(Sorry for being such a pessimist. I told you it was an exercise in cynicism.)

Amidst the accusations of cheating, Philstar has an excellent editorial about Nene Pimentel getting it right: “File the Charges” (Google cached in case Philstar screws up archiving as usual). Contrast Pimentel, going through proper legal channels to combat fraud, to the opposition’s attempts to invoke Edsa-2-esque rationale by calling for riots and disturbance.

But I have no patience for learning the details of Exit Polls, Quick Counts, and Congressional Canvassing. I’ll leave that to the political junkies, and read their output. Meanwhile, the Filipino politics-entertainment crossover continues, with such congressional farces as this: “SHUT UP! SHUT UP SHUT UP!”