CicadaOne of the infamous Brood X Cicadas flew into the office yesterday, crashed into a wall, and settled to the floor behind my desk. These babies are strong; when I tried to pick him up by the wings, he clamped a leg onto the carpet and another onto the nearest CAT-5 cable, and would not let go no matter how I tugged (gently, of course). Unwilling to tear off his wings in the struggle, I instead eased a napkin under him, gently carried him to the window, and let him out. He perched on the ledge for a bit, before deciding to fly off rather than try and get back into the office.

Gorgeous creatures, these cicadas, with those delicate gold wing filaments and glossy membranes and bright red eyes. But be careful, they are EVIL and DEADLY!

(See also Cicada Watch.)


  1. anj says:

    so that’s what a cicada looks like. i often just hear them when i’m on field work up in the mountains. they’re pretty!

    by the way, i am reading through the link you sent… i can so relate even if it was all so thankfully long ago!