Who else recoiled in horror at Inq7’s new front page? I completely missed the redesign, since I bookmark the “mobile” interface (which, incidentally, does not work on my mobile device, a Sony Ericsson T300 with a plodding WAP browser).

The horror starts right at <table width=1000... and gets steadily worse from there: ghostly floating logos, nested tables, spacer gifs, inline javascript by the bandehado, disunited ad-boxes cluttering up every section, <font> tags, a patchwork of lines and gray boxes along the bottom… This site tries to be all things to all people — especially the sales department — and it fails, sacrificing usability and structure in the process.

Was it a good thing, perhaps, that they didn’t hire me last year?


  1. Mikoid says:

    You know the Web EIC of Inq-7 — JV Rufino of Guidon fame! Write him a note!

    table width=1000 — the horror!

  2. Mike says:

    Gah. They need Zeldman. Badly.

  3. sparticus says:

    Get a Sony Ericsson T610. It reads html like a dream. I was viewing my website in it for ages before I realised I was actually viewing the main page and not the special mobile edition (i’m stupid okay) but it still handled the thousands of div tags and images fine.

  4. ana says:

    sounds like someone’s being bitter. I’ve had my tries on applying on such company. but i didn’t take it too badly. instead i reflected on what’s wrong with me and tried to make myself to be much better than i used to.