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The return trip was much less grueling than the flight over: no overnight airport transfers in Japan this time around — though Chicago O’Hare was a pain to transit through, what with the standard bag re-check and a broken airport tram that forced us into a taxi for a terminal transfer.

Christmas 2014 and New Year 2015

Already knew it was going to be a great Christmas Day from the Manila Bulletin headline. Dad at Christmas brunch with grandson (my nephew), and sister-in-law after jubilantly gifting my brother with a GoPro: Toddler nephew also played around with my DSLR and managed to snap a decent photo of Amy. Then I pointed the […]

Dive Log: Sabang, Puerto Galera

Full Puerto Galera Scuba Diving photoset Compilation video Puerto Galera sits at the base of a peninsula on the northern coast of Mindoro, about 80 miles south of Manila and an hour’s boat ride from Batangas. Once a sanctuary from rough seas for Spanish galleons, today Puerto Galera is a thriving watersports town, with a […]

Snapshots from around Greenhills

I’m trying to formulate some dumb egg jokes for this egg-static breakfast but bad yolks like that are just too over-easy for me to bother the shell about. As always the Greenhills tiangge (bazaar) is a great place for lovely jewelry made from the aggregated nacreous excretions of irritated shellfish. This is a new snack […]

LHC Reunion

Took the NEX3 camera to lunch at Serendra with old friends from college. We wryly called ourselves “Lonely Hearts Club” back in school but we’re not lonely today, and I’m who I am because of their friendship. Love you all, great to see you again. And the chili chocolate gelato was amazing.


Flew to Manila for Christmas. This year’s itinerary was a bit of a challenge, with multiple layovers, including a 13 hour overnight Tokyo airport transfer from Narita to Haneda.

Thanksgiving Weekend 2014

Spent the Thanksgiving long weekend up in New Jersey with Amy’s folks. There was turkey, of course. I also learned about how olives and celery as traditional American Thanksgiving fare. (You can see it on the plate at upper right.) On Saturday we ran up to New York City for a bit to see El […]

Shenandoah National Park

We hopped over to Shenandoah National Park* on Saturday for some hiking and scenic vistas. It was a bit late for Fall color but the views along Skyline Drive were still lovely.

Chincoteague in the Fall

Went to Chincoteague again over the weekend for some hiking and seafood and ponies, to see the island in the Fall and hopefully see the Antares rocket launch. Sadly launch got delayed to the Monday and then the Tuesday after — and even more sadly, the rocket then exploded. We at least got to see Antares […]

Kings Dominion Revisited

We went to Kings Dominion for a Saturday day trip. No roller coaster Glass videos this time as I forgot my head strap, but here’s the view from the Ferris wheel: