Christmas in NJ

Spent Christmas in New Jersey with Amy’s family. Darth Vader and Yoda were on the Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree

Outside, an inflatable Santa bobbled on a tractor.

We went to church at FBC Westfield on Sunday.

FBC Westfield

A dubious meme made an appearance in a shopping mall parking lot.

Japanese cartoon bear sticker on car

At CVS, the “last-minute gifts” bin included gum picks, floss sticks, and travel toothpaste.

CVS has last minute gifts like travel toothpaste and gum picks

Got rather sick, spent a lot of time lying in bed coughing and staring at this tree till I fell asleep.

I see a tree

But we got well enough to go out and visit Amy’s relatives on Christmas Eve and also see these musically choreographed lights as it began to snow outside:

A penguin fell over in the wind, though:

Penguin down

On the way home we stopped at Walgreens, which had a replica leg lamp right out of “A Christmas Story.”

Walgreens has leg lamps

Anyway, Merry Christmas.

Christmas Tree Bright Christmas Tree

Jersey Girls Rule.

Jersey Girl shirts

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