Thanksgiving 2017

Visited Amy’s folks in NJ for Thanksgiving, with a trip to Turtle Back Zoo over the weekend.

This is Ezra’s first Thanksgiving away (we stayed home last year as he was just 5 months old). He’s gotten past his stranger anxiety phase and had a lot of fun with everyone, even mistaking Amy’s cousin Dave for me a couple of times.

Ezra at Thanksgiving Ezra at Thanksgiving

He also enjoyed the zoo, especially the penguins, goats, sheep, and dinosaur park.

Turtleback Zoo

Enjoy these closeups of a penguin and a ram.

Turtleback Zoo
Turtleback Zoo

Oh yeah, I’m skipping the NJ Turnpike next trip. Due to accidents, construction in Delaware, and a toll plaza bottleneck, we were stuck in traffic with this view for 2-3 hours.

NJ Turnpike Toll Plaza Traffic

Full Thanksgiving 2017 photo album here.