Richmond Day Trip

I had a job interview down in the Richmond area a few weeks ago, and Amy came along for the ride so we could make a small day trip of it. First stop, the opulent lobby of Highwoods One in Innsbrook, a sprawling business park in Glen Allen, VA. (Amy waited in a nearby library while I interviewed.) After the interview we drove down to the Innsbrook Shoppes for some Hanami Sushi.

Building lobby, Highwoods One, Innsbrook, Glen Allen, VA Hanami Sushi, Innsbrook Shoppes, Glen Allen, VA

And then down into Richmond to visit the VMFA and see Rembrandt’s Three Musicians and Stone Operation, as well as some cool Art Deco/Art Nouveau work, an early Gauguin still life, some medieval pieces, and lots of horses.

Early Rembrandts through the doorway
Me and Amy reflected in a Louis Majorelle cabinet mirror Alphonse Mucha's "Nature"
Early Gauguin still life
Saint Denis Horse Paintings

Outside, it rained on the Confederate Memorial Chapel and Robinson House.

Confederate Memorial Chapel Robinson House

We didn’t have time to do anything else in Richmond, but it’s just a 2 hour drive south of us, so this is by no means our last visit. Full photoset here.

(Sadly while the job interview went well, the opening itself did not pan out, and I am still on the hunt.)