Scenes from JFK-DXB-MNL

As some of you may know, I’m a big planefan, so air travel is often as exciting for me as the destination itself. On that note, some photos from my flight:

High over the Arabian deserts, a lovely sunset.

Dubai Airport mixes modern and traditional Islamic architecture, with an overall futuristikitchy effect.

The First Class “seats” aboard the A340-500 are like little lounges in themselves, with cubicle walls, reclining seats, large TV screens, and even a little compact mirror popping out of the desk. (No, I didn’t ride First Class, but I did go forward to see what it’s like.)

Were it not for the personal ICE (Info, Communication, Entertainment) System, I would have gone nuts. Instead I watched five campy action movies in a row, and some Bollywood too.

Frost on the window forms into letters. A cryptic message from the lower stratosphere?

Wingtip of Emirates Airbus A330-200 from DXB to MNL.

Photos taken with a Canon Powershot A400.