Virra Mall: After the Renovation

IMG_0193.JPG One thing I failed to do on my previous Christmas visit to the Philippines was follow up on old Virra Mall after its 2005 renovation. This visit, I was able to muster up some time to check out the new “V-Mall,” as it’s now called, (though it’s still “Virra” to me) and take some photos of the new interior — see the V-Mall photoset here. I forgot to print out references from my old Virra Mall photoset, so I still don’t have a perfect “Before/After” series to compare with the renovated V-Mall, but I’ll try and do that next time I’m in the area. For now, here are the closest approximations I could get to show the changes: (click thumbs for full size)

Before After
IMG_0891 IMG_0192.JPG

virramallpanoramic tiltvmall.jpg
IMG_0899 IMG_9326.JPG
IMG_0909 IMG_9319.JPG