Rear Window

A quick tip for couples flying coach class on long-haul flights: if you’re riding a 747-400 and you like windows, reserve a pair of seats at the very rear of the plane. The last three rows of seating go from 3-4-3 to 2-4-2 because of the tapering of the fuselage, so you can reserve two seats by the window without anyone being in the middle of two people, no awkward clambering over strangers to get out, and a bit of extra arm space between chair and window. One more cool thing I found out about the rearmost seat — if you look back, you can see the tail wing:


Major disadvantages to the rear twosome seats: while it’s far enough from the lavs not to stink, people do tend to congregate in the emergency exit space behind the seats for loud conversation and leaning on chair backs. Plus, you’re pretty much the last off the plane. But I think it’s worth it for sixteen hours of relative comfort and guiltless reclining. See the SeatGuru chart.