Flyi vs Amtrak

I’m going up to New Jersey next week to visit Amy and go on a canoe trip. To do this I would normally hop on a train from DC Union Station to Metro Park in NJ, from where I could be picked up. The cost of the train ticket, round trip, is about $150. Not cheap.

Lately, however, I’ve been seeing those Independence Air billboards on the Metro, and a thought occurred to me: “Heh, wouldn’t it be funny if plane tickets to Newark turned out even cheaper?” On a whim, I went and checked, and guess what: Independence Air’s round trip to Newark turned out to be less than $100. (Not counting air travel taxes and such.) With an iClub membership, there’s even a discount.

Yes, that’s right. Air turned out cheaper than rail by over $50. Next week, I’m flying to Newark. The only downside I can see is that IndyAir’s hub is in Dulles, which is a considerable distance from DC for the carless. Still, it’s worth the lower cost. (Oh, and we all know what happened last time I flew out of Dulles. The horror.)

Update from the next week: I flew Flyi.


  1. anj says:

    hehehe! buti pa diyan. ang saya niyo namang dalawa.

    anyway, rowie texted us all yesterday and informed us that ten years ago was our ORSEM Night. So I’d just like to say, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, Ordo. It is from you I learned the word pulchritude. And I did so crush on your unruly hair and rollerblading activities. :p

  2. Sparticus says:

    It’s the same in this country. You can currently fly from a london airport to edinburgh for 20% of what the train would cost.