Offline a Little Longer

I’ve been back in Manila for a few days now, but I’ve lost the “neighborly” wireless I was leeching, and what little internet I’m able to access at various coffee places in Greenhills and Makati continues to be slow to the point of uselessness, thanks to the Taiwan earthquake cable fault. (I’m getting very tired of having to order a decaf frappuccino everytime I want access to this painfully feeble trickle of connectivity.)

Flickr has gotten especially slow in these times of slower-than-dialup international throughput, so I don’t think I will be able to upload any more photos till I get home to my now-much-missed 768 kbps home DSL connection. I fly out tomorrow. It’ll be a 30 hour trip, including an 8 hour layover in Hong Kong and yet another 16 hour transpolar flight. Site feedback will be off until I get home, and later on there will be more photos and entries on what I’ve been up to.

(Of course, PLDT would finally send someone to fix our home DSL the day before I leave.)