Harpers Ferry Day Hike


This is Harpers Ferry, WV, the famous little historical town situated at “the confluence of the Shenandoah and Potomac” (as it is traditionally referred to), right on the borders of Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. I and a few folks from church came for a day hike on Saturday, to check out the Split Rocks / Jefferson Rock trail and take in some of the history. (We actually lost the Loudoun Heights section of the trail, as it is rather well hidden along the road, so we ended up walking about 2.5 miles along the shoulder of US 340 back to Harpers Ferry from the Potomac crossing. But the rest of the hike from where it converged with the Appalachian Trail was great.)


Here’s me at Jefferson Rock, the very spot (though not the exact same rock) from which Thomas Jefferson took in the view of the river and valley. (The four red pillars are there to keep visitors from rocking the rock, as it has not been entirely stable on its perch through the centuries.)


IMG_7531.JPGThere were Civil War reenactors there, too, camped out in tents by the rails between the Lower Town and Virginius Island. One of the best scenes of the day came when a group of Army personnel in fatigues (possibly with the Army band, who were playing that day) dropped in on the Union troops to talk history. Soldiers from the future!

We were not able to visit Harper House or John Brown’s fort. One day I will return to Harpers Ferry one day to linger a bit longer in the town and bask in its history. More photos here (a few of which will be highlighted in coming days in the photolog), and more on hiking in the Harpers Ferry area here.