NY/NJ for President’s Day

We’re at the New York Academy of Art for The Ones, an exhibit of work by alumni from 1991, 2001, and 2011. Amy’s turn to show work should be in five years for The Sixes, if this pattern keeps up. Studio tours follow, with Canadian student Cory Dixon showing us around. Lots of ecorches about, which Amy finds familiar. (I note down the websites of especially interesting artists, but lose the notes later in a phone upgrade.)

Equestrian Écorché

Plastics. I hadn’t known New York still had a downtown plastic district, with various sorts of plasticware such as you would find in any home goods or crafts or office supply store — but all domestically produced, higher-priced than your standard Made-in-China plastics, supposedly better quality, and in greater varieties of shapes and uses, custom orders accepted.

Plastic Land

It’s all so anachronistic, I can’t not post a photo of this scene without the requisite “one word” quote from The Graduate.


Hey look, New York has a Sea World:

Sea World, New York

Having once eaten at “Good Dumpling House” in the past, we decide to try “Excellent Dumpling House” on Lafayette Street. Most of the fare is decidedly not more Excellent than the Good, but they do serve xiao long bao soup dumplings, which are indeed excellent.

Excellent Dumpling House

Then, a trip to the Met to view Renaissance Portraits. I think this is the trip where we break even on our Associate Membership (assuming a full donation for every visit).

Metropolitan Museum of Art, Great Hall

A lovely sunset graces the afternoon sky as we exit the museum later.

5th Ave at Sunset

At 86th and Madison, a taxi is being towed.

Towing a taxi at 86th and Madison

At church, the next day, we celebrate a member’s 95th birthday. While we talk with a Russian member at length about Yakutia and her home town of Severny, my father-in-law plays the accordion.

On the road home, I record the vibrant scrolling retail tableau of Route 22, a very New Jersey scene:

We pick up some lunch the next day at a pizza place called “Goombas,” the interior decor rich with pop culture mob references. Again, a very New Jersey scene. You couldn’t call a place “Goombas” anywhere else in America, I don’t think.

Goombas Pizza

It was a good weekend. I close with the very best vanity plate ever seen on a Mazda MPV, anywhere, seen outside Chestnut Chateau in Union:

"Our MPV" vanity plate

Full trip photoset here.