Settling Back In

Home now, showered and unpacked. Well, that was a nice vacation. I met up with old friends and made new ones, watched The Two Towers and Nemesis at Metreon, saw the sights of San Francisco, got reacquainted with my brother, ate clam chowder at Pier 39 and In-N-Out in Union City, and generally had a nice, warm Christmas.

Oh, and the Loot:

– MicroTrac trigger-type trackball mouse

– Poseable MiniMates figures of Captain Kirk and Dr. McCoy (I still have to Search for Spock)

– Solid oakwood chess set

The Micro Trac has been seeing much use as I process the San Francisco photo album: coming soon. I’m also recoding the template for the travel log section; that will go online as soon as I’m done writing my log for San Francisco.

But now, I’m off to bed, to get up bright and early for that get-together over at Valerie’s tomorrow.