Holiday Weekend Recap

I had an excellent extended holiday weekend, thanks to the warm and welcoming hospitality of Amy’s family. Activities were as follows:

  • Thursday: Thanksgiving service at Amy’s church, followed by turkey, stuffing, and pie at Amy’s grandma’s place somewhere in the hills of New Jersey. Also tried playing Halo 2 on the X-Box with Amy’s younger brother.
  • Friday: “Black Friday” excursion to South Street Seaport to sightsee and meet up with Riffola from Metafilter, then a daring plunge into the mad shopping crowd at the midtown Old Navy to get baby clothes for my nephew, capped off that night with watching the new DVD edition of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.
  • Saturday: The Incredibles at a nearby theater. Excellent movie. Later, Amy learned how to use a wiki.
  • Sunday: Morning worship at Amy’s church, then a get-together with the young adults at her church for lasagna, Imaginiff, pool and air hockey. That night, after watching an episode of Enterprise, I headed home on a packed train.

Photos here. I hope those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving also had a pleasant holiday. Now, back to work.

Oh, and you Flickr users, be sure to caption me and Riffola.