Left Behind

My webcam, a Unibrain Fire-I, caused a bit of a stir at Dubai Airport security. I’m thinking that with the transparent casing, spinning focus wheel, exposed electronics, and rubber-padded clip, it must have looked like some kind of quick-attach timed detonator. But after plugging the cam into my iBook’s Firewire port and showing the security guy his own image on Evocam, he grinned, gave me a thumbs-up, and waved me along toward my plane.

Now, after unpacking, I find that the webcam is missing. I remember hurriedly stuffing my computer paraphernalia into my carry-on bag before rushing to the gate to catch the final boarding announcement, and it’s entirely possible that I left the webcam lying on the security desk before a bemused Emirates security representative.

I suppose I’ll have to do without a webcam for a while.