Simultaneous Electronic Woes

This has not been a good week for me in electronics and technology. In addition to the loss of a webcam, my Palm Zire 31 has suddenly and inexplicably died (a month past end of warranty, of course), my user-unfriendly S/E T300 cellphone has developed a wonky charge socket, my home internet connection has gone from sluggish to near-nonexistent, and my referrer logs are being hammered by referrer spam from multiple open proxies and zombie PCs.

For the handheld/cellphone issue, I’m now angling for combo alternatives to simplify my life, but neither the Nokia 6600 nor the Treo comes cheap around these parts. I may have to settle for a nice, cheap Hipster PDA for now.

For the referrer spam issue, joke’s on them: my referrer log, though public, has a robots exclusion directive to keep it off the search engines. Reffy and Thomas Reece are simply wasting resources on spamming this site.