Saturday in Noo Yawk

Amy and I went to New York today. The following activities commenced:

  • Got off the bus and ate everything-bagels at Port Authority.
  • Went down to DFN Gallery to look at still life paintings by James Moore.
  • Wandered around NYAA, photographing casts.
  • Wandered the wrong way down Franklin Street looking for Avenue of the Americas.
  • Had bison burgers and milkshakes with Stynxno and Cyrus at Georgio’s Country Grill.
  • Watched Revenge of the Sith at Ziegfeld Theater.
  • Wandered into the Body Shop at Radio City Music Hall and put Bergamot lotion sampler on my face, then left without buying anything.
  • Pinpointed the fuzzy geographic location of Bed, Bath, and Beyond on Avenue of the Americas (following previous fruitless wandering) with just a Google SMS search and a subway map.
  • Bought nothing at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and instead got everything we needed at TJMaxx.
  • Got lost in the twisty maze of 14th Street Station.
  • Took NJ Transit home.

And so ends our Saturday in Noo Yawk. Photos from today here.