NJ Trip

Amy and I spent an eventful weekend up in NJ to visit her parents, whom we hadn’t seen since the wedding last month. The train ride from Washington was quick. We watched Groundhog Day en route (Amy had never seen it before), and later found upon arrival that track work at Metropark meant that Amtrak passengers had to detrain at track level, cross the tracks, and climb the steps to the platform, which was an adventure in itself.

Saturday was spent with Amy and her dad on the waters of Spruce Run, a reservoir and recreation area (kind of a New Jersey version of Caliraya) popular for camping, fishing, boating, and windsurfing. We were on kayaks, and spent many hours rowing about the artificial lake, exploring the shoreline and coming as close to the spillway as was allowed, all the while getting marvelously sunburnt. This was my third time to kayak at Spruce Run, but I forgot my camera, so you will just have to imagine how mind-bogglingly marvelous and amazing the whole experience was.

After kayaking, we had a delightful dinner at Chestnut Chateau, the restaurant at which we had our rehearsal dinner the night before our wedding. I ordered filet of sole, eaten to the tune of live music of the “Blues” variety — I will skip the obvious sole/soul witticism.

Sunday morning worship was at Amy’s church and we were witness to the sad announcement that Pastor Keith, one of our own wedding co-officiants, will be leaving to pursue God’s call to pastorship at another church down in MD. I’m sure he’ll be greatly missed in that church and in that town, and we wish him well.

That night our train home was delayed an hour, and we arrived in DC well after 2AM. We still haven’t fully recovered.