Back from Chicago

Got back from Chicago late Monday night. I carried 20 pounds of tuna from Virginia to Illinois, watched my brother graduate from his MBA, checked out his new apartment, reconnected with the family (nuclear and extended), visited Hamburger University, stumbled into a cool Polish market somewhere deep into the Southside inland, rode The “El” all by myself, went up to the viewing decks of Sears Tower and Hancock Center, met Linnwood, learned about The Curse of the Billy Goat, and got lots of photos. Oh, and I checked out two airport chapels. Here are the photosets, courtesy of Flickr:

(Souvenir Pens uploaded by brownpau.)

Chicago June 2005 Travel Log Summary:


– Saw Amy off at Union Station

– 3 hours at work

– Off to Dulles

– Walked to Terminal B

– Checked out the Chapel

– Shuttle to Terminal C

– Ugh

– Walk to Terminal D

– Ate Chinese

– Walked back to Terminal C

– Flew

– Landed in Midway and El’d to Bryn Mawr

– Dinner with Family – salmon and shrimp

– Sleep, had vivid nightmare and sleep paralysis episode


– francis’ graduation

– tour of hamburger university

– dinner at pho 777


– father’s day

– hamburger university

– wally’s polish market

– father’s day bbq

– brought mom and dad to o’hare

– walk around millenium park

– go up hancock observatory

– cheesecake


– francis’ office

– to loop on my own

– sears tower

– met up with steve

– midway

– go home