Greenbelt Panoramas

I’ve spent the last couple of days hanging out at Greenbelt (last night to meet with old friends Tiff and Sonni), and I definitely like what they’ve done to the place. Long time readers will remember my post on Makati’s evolution — one that continues to this day. Witness what has become of that space in the time since then:



As you can see, Greenbelt is still a work in progress; the old shopping arcade behind Greenbelt 1 has now been razed, and will be turned into what I assume will be Greenbelt 5 and 6. It’s a bit sad to see that rickety old building go, with its tiny mom-and-pop shops, but it’s enough consolation to know that Ayala does commercial public spaces really well: lots of sweeping architecture, open outdoor spaces, trees, fountains, and ample sitting room, as evidenced by the areas around Greenbelts 2-4. Lots of good food, too.