Taking Up the Trail of Tuna

So Mom caught tuna — a lot of tuna — while she was in Cabo San Lucas. She had it gutted, sliced, and frozen, and has been carting several pounds of it around the country in an insulated freezer bag, cooking up scrumptious fresh tuna dinners for friends and family in San Francisco and Washington.

She left for Chicago last night, but forgot the tuna in my uncle’s freezer. It now falls on me, as I leave for Chicago tonight, to bring the tuna after her. Right now, I’m off to pack the fish into the insulated freezer bag and take it to Dulles Airport. It’ll be extremely interesting to stop at security and explain why a young Asian male is carrying several pounds of foil-wrapped, quivering, red flesh in a freezer bag.

This’ll be fun.

Update: The insulated TunaBag is packed and nestled comfortably in my larger suitcase. Follow its adventures via my Flickr photostream!

Update: I have arrived safely at my brother’s apartment at Bryn Mawr in Chicago, and so has TunaBag.