Christmas 2010: Schenectady Edition

For Christmas of 2010, we visited Amy’s uncle and aunt and grandma up in Schenectady, NY. This meant flying up to Albany Airport (ALB) in dead of winter on a little regional jet out of Dulles (IAD):

Flying over snowy upstate New York

Amy’s uncle is a very avid Harley-Davidson enthusiast, and apparently this is related to the porcine holiday ornamentation on the lawn and in the windows:

Christmas Pig 1 Christmas Pig 2

The downstairs Christmas Tree looked really familiar:

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

So did this jolly guy:

Santa Claus

And Amy’s relatives gifted me with a way-cool Star Trek (2009) USS Enterprise tree ornament:

Star Trek Ornament

We drove down a road which is apparently famous for its Christmas lights:

Christmas Lights Christmas Lights
Christmas Lights Christmas Lights

Unfortunately a huge winter storm threatened Northeastern US travel, so I used a weather voucher to reschedule our flight home a day earlier, cutting our trip short. It turned out to be a good move as we caught the last ALB-IAD flight before days of chaos and cancellations. But not before I got some photos of the ALB Prayer Room, for my collection:

Albany Airport Prayer Room Panorama

So ended our Schenectady Christmas. We might go back in the summer. Photoset here.