Chincoteague and Orb-2

Been a year since our last trip to Chincoteague, so we drove to the shore over the weekend to bask on the sand, kayak around a bit, eat some oysters, and see the Orb-2 rocket launch from Wallops. Also brought along the Google Glass to get some POV video of our adventures.

This trip we were able to go up Assateague Lighthouse (still closed for restoration last year) and enjoy a view not only of Chincoteague and Assateague Islands, but also of the Mid Atlantic Regional Spaceport on Wallops Island, with the Antares rocket on the pad.

Panoramic view from Assateague lighthouse
View of Wallops from Assateague Lighthouse

Summer crowds filled the beach as always, but we found a good spot near the waves. Amy made a sand turtle.

Assateague National Seashore
Amy's sand turtle

Out on the Marsh Trail we spotted a bunny.

Rabbit, Marsh Trail, Chincoteague NWR

We also rented a tandem kayak from Snug Harbor Marina and took a guided eco-tour around the Channel.

Kayaking around Chincoteague Channel #throughglass

No wild ponies this trip, but we did see two bald eagles alight on a tree.

Two Bald eagles in a tree

On Sunday morning we went up to the NASA Wallops Visitor Center to watch Orb-2 launch. Heavy clouds, crowded field, and distant vantage point all made for a suboptimal viewing experience compared to the A-ONE launch, but I still managed to get a grainy photo:

Antares/Cygnus #Orb2 launch as seen from Wallops Visitor Center

And after that, oysters, ice cream and ponies before driving home.

Chincoteague Oysters
Chincoteague Island Creamery #throughglass
Chincoteague Pony at Refuge Inn

Always nice to visit. We’ll be back, Chincoteague. Possibly in the Fall when there’s good hiking and fewer bugs.

Kayaking around Chincoteague

More photos from our summer Chincoteague trip here.