Hersheypark with Google Glass

Amy and I met up with her dad in Hersheypark on Saturday for roller coasters and animals, and I brought along the Google Glass to see if I could get some good POV coaster videos. I was not disappointed.*

(* Except on Storm Runner, where they made me take off Glass, and Skyrush, where I didn’t even try to wear it. Video quality was markedly improved over last year’s POV videos with the You-Vision glasses.)

I especially enjoyed my first ride on Fahrenheit, with its 97ยบ drop and six inversions.

It was also fun to record both tracks of Lightning Racer and juxtapose both runs into a decent side-by-side comparison video.

I really liked how Wave Swinger had all this faux-Victorian art decorating the ceiling.

Hersheypark Wave Swinger

Meanwhile in ZooAmerica, owls, eagles, and prairie dogs were in rare form.

Owl be seeing you
Female Snowy Owl #ZooAmerica
Bald Eagle #ZooAmerica
Prairie Dog #ZooAmerica

We capped off our trip with a nighttime ride on Great Bear but sadly as you can see in the compilation video, Glass only recorded the first half of the ride, cutting the video short around when my head slammed into the restraint on a corkscrew, possibly ending the video. Still an amazing experience to ride Great Bear at night; it’s one of my favorite coasters ever.

Oh, and we won a plush donut.

Plush Donut #HersheyPark

Always fun to visit Hershey. Full photo album here.

At Hersheypark