Last Weekend’s NJ/NYC Trip

Saturday morning, I went up with Amy to NYAA, from where she had just graduated the day before. Though I missed the ceremony, I was glad to be able to see her final diploma project on display in the graduate exhibit.

We also went over to the West Side and walked along the harbor, from Christopher Street down to Pier 40, then down to Battery Park. It was lovely out, and she pointed out to me a spot from where she had painted a landscape scene of the view across the river, with a Holland Tunnel ventilation tower jutting from its pier.

The next day saw a trip to visit Amy’s grandmother, and a walk around Union Township to admire the famous water tower from scenic Kawameeh field.

More photos from last weekend, plus a wiggle GIF of Amy in her studio:

IMG_6735.JPG IMG_6739.JPG IMG_6768.JPG IMG_6771.JPG IMG_6773.JPG