Empire State Building

Early Monday morning, Amy and I visited the Empire State Building. We arrived there about 11am, and got to the 86th Floor observation deck in less than an hour. Tourist volume, while heavy, was far lighter than what we expected for a summer holiday. It was a perfect day to go up there: bright, warm, and clear, and we could see for miles around! Pictures and tour here.

IMG_10 IMG_91




  1. filmgoerjuan says:

    Hey, I’ve been there too! What are the odds? ;)

    But seriously, I went up at night and had a slightly shorter wait than you did. I’d heard from others that it’s best to see it both during the day and at night. Next trip I’ll definitely go the daytime route.

    As a bonus, on the flight into JFK, we passed over lower Manhattan on an absolutely clear night and I was treated to a great top-down view of the ESB.