Scenes from a Suburb

I was up in the Garden State with Amy through Labor Day weekend, and I’m always amused at how quintessentially suburban so much of the state is (with the possible exception of Trenton and Newark). Some sights from the quiet, sleepy towns of NJ:

A butterfly on a bush in Cranford, where Amy and I went to watch Ying Xiong (or “Hero,” as it’s known here).

A valley between the towering warehouse shelves of Costco.

Amy’s church in Union. Several Filipinos in the town also attend at this church for afternoon services.

At Amy’s grandma’s place, deer graze on the lawn. Great fun to see them the first few times, then it becomes a chore to chase them out of the bushes everyday.

Photos taken with a Sony Ericsson Communicam attachment (on T300 phone).


  1. Raffy says:

    Hey, how’d you like “Hero”? I got to see it on DVD and I wasn’t sure if the experience would be enhanced on a theatre screen.

    In case you’re curious, “Resident Evil: Apocalypse” is, well, eh.

  2. Paulo says:

    I thought “Hero” was EXCELLENT. I’ve never seen the standard aspects of cinematic Kung Fu mythos used so effectively as plot motifs — especially the lake battle scene, with the swords dipping in water, and the costume colors. And Zhang Ziyi, of course, is not only good at martial arts, but good at acting like she’s not *that* good at martial arts.

    I did notice a strong “One China” angle, though, which I couldn’t help but interpret as a barb at Taiwan.