Leaving on a Jet Plane

Tonight, I head home to Manila, with two layovers of six hours each in New York and Dubai. I’m flying Emirates, on an Airbus A340-500 for the NY-Dubai leg of the trip, and an A330-200 for the Dubai-Manila leg. (Airliners.net has photos of the plane cabins I’ll be riding in for about 24 hours: A340-500, A330-200.) Emirates’ Airbuses have personal entertainment at every seat, with movies, games, and exterior aircraft views on demand, so I’m looking forward to a moderately fun flight, hopefully in a bulkhead exit row seat.

I’ll be on holiday in Manila for two weeks through Christmas and New Year, relaxing while I spend time with the family. If things work out, we may spend New Year scuba diving in Batangas. My brother tells me they just got DSL at home, so I won’t be out of any loops.

For now, time to pack and rush off to Dulles. Watch this space for mobile updates via Flickr. See you on the other side.