Thanksgiving 2012

We drove up to New Jersey for Thanksgiving this year. Our last experience on Amtrak had been a crowded mess, and I wanted to see if the drive up I-95 was any better. It was not. We left at 5AM and even that early the beltway was stressful. The New Jersey Turnpike was a monotonous slog, and we got to the Garden State Parkway just as the morning rush was starting. Bad driving abounded along the whole stretch. That, plus a never-ending parade of tollbooths, has restored my faith in passenger rail. (Or air travel when that’s cheaper.)

On the up side, the Delaware Memorial Bridge is lovely at sunrise.

Delaware Memorial Bridge at Sunrise

On arrival in New Jersey we went to the Shop Rite, where I spotted POMERGRANTES:


Thursday was a great Thanksgiving with Amy’s family, as always. We watched the Macy’s Parade and the National Dog Show and Brave, and of course there was turkey.

Thanksgiving Dinner

On Friday we went to New York, met up with Phil, and tried walking through Times Square just to see what it’s like on Black Friday (not too bad), and try out a Surface at the Microsoft Store (also not too bad).

Times Square
Times Square Microsoft Store

Woody and Diego were also there, terrifying children.

Woody and Diego at Times Square

After Times Square we went over to Darbar (at E 46th St between 3rd and Lexington) for a wonderful Indian buffet lunch with old friends Raffy and Carla. I especially liked their chili mushrooms.

After lunch Amy and I went over to the Met with enough time to see Bernini: Sculpting in Clay, an exhibit of clay studies by the famous Roman sculptor, before taking the bus back into NJ.

At The Met
Leaving NYC

The drive home the next day took much longer than the drive up, with lots more traffic. We stopped at a Roy Rogers and the variety of New Jersey and Turnpike-themed souvenirs was interesting.

NJ souvenirs at Walt Whitman service area

I’ve decided trains and planes are worth the trouble and expense after all, and will probably not do this drive again (unless I really need to). Should have gotten one of those t-shirts, come to think of it.

Good Thanksgiving overall. Full Flickr photoset here.