Jan 2006 NJ/NYC Trip

It was foggy up in New Jersey and New York over the long weekend. Amy and I hung out with her family, and ventured twice up to NYC, one day to browse galleries at Chelsea, and another to have a half-price lunch at Sushi Park with newlyweds Raffy and Carla (who very kindly lent us their veil for the cord and veil part of our wedding).

We also polished off two (of six) more sessions of premarital counseling with P. Keith, tested a sound system, and paid a visit to our planned reception hall, Bridgewater Manor, to choose the cake, tablecloths, and reception dinner menu items. (Oh, you should totally see the menu. It’s scrumptious. And the food looks good, too.)

Yes, it was a very wedding-y trip, but I also got to see Rockefeller Center for the first time (it’s smaller in real life than it looks in the movies), and looked around Toy Tokyo, where I found a dubious-looking starship on a robot box. (Below, left) Oh, and we also found God on a pew at Amy’s church. (Below, right)

mo_805_.jpg God.jpg