DC Metroblogging and Washington Post Blogger Summit

Following a few communiqués with Tom, I am now writing for DC Metroblogging, with all the wild fame and fortune that entails.

I agonized for days over what my first debut entry would be, until finally, sitting at the WaPo Blogger Summit last Tuesday, I decided to forego all introductory niceties and just jump into the mix with a Liveblogging Stream of Consciousness. Since then I’ve posted secondhand neighborhood humor from City Desk and a Metro alert, and I have a few other ideas for content bubbling up.

I’m not sure what I’m doing, agreeing to write for DC Metblogs for free when I barely have time to write for my own site and attend to my current situation of professional and premarital chaos, but perhaps some good will come of this, if only from the general DC audience’s enjoyment of my razor sharp wit. All my entries gather here.

As for the blog summit, it was interesting, especially when they demoed their new upcoming local weblog directory. More on that from my entry, David’s entry, Marc Fisher, And I Am Not Lying, For Real.