Heritage Farm

Some shots from a visit to the Cole Harbour Heritage Farm Museum, a real live farm right down the road from us, with crops and animals and a historic house and a tearoom. We saw various animals, had lunch at the tearoom, and Ezra got to play a bit with some farm toys.

Ezra at the Rose & Kettle Tea Room
Ezra on a rocking horse Ezra sits on the Potty Toss seat Ezra in the Giles House

The sheep were extra woolly and due for a shearing the following week.


Adult and juvenile chickens looked at me inquisitively.

Inquisitive Juvenile Chickens

Me when there are people:

Please -No- People

More photos from Cole Harbour Heritage Farm Museum here. It’s close by, so I think we’ll be going there a lot. Admissions are by voluntary donation.