Ezra Update: 3 Years

At three years of age, Ezra can speak in complete sentences, do simple addition, count to four in French, walk a mile unaided, rebel against authority, formulate extremely rudimentary knock-knock jokes, and is now undergoing the rite of passage that is potty training. He enjoys watching Dora and Diesel Ducy and listening to The Kiboomers.

Ezra’s Third Birthday

For his birthday weekend — his first birthday in Canada! — we went to the beach, where it was finally warm enough to sunbathe. The Atlantic water was rather frigid but he still enjoyed playing at the edge of the waves.

Rainbow Haven Beach

He also received his first backpack, a shout-out to Dora, and a promise of adventures to come.

Ezra’s Third Birthday

Happy birthday, kid. You’re gonna go places.