Dive Log, Malapascua Island

Another cursory entry in the travel log: my dive log from the holiday diving trip to Malapascua. This is mostly here for my own personal posterity. You’ll probably just want to see the lovely underwater photos my brother took.

(1) Isla de Gato
12/27/2005, 10:30 am, 50 mins,
max depth: 70 ft
air used: 2500psi
notes: big seahorse, 3 tiny cuttlefish, 3 white tip sharks

(2) Isla de Gato Sea Snake Sanctuary
12/27/2005, 12:30 pm, 50 mins
max depth: 70 ft
air used: 2500psi
notes: drift dive, no sea snakes, one really big cuttlefish, brave puffer fish which wouldn’t puff for me

(3) Monad Shoal
12/28/2005, 6:00 am, 50 mins
max depth: 65 ft
air used: 2500psi
notes: Very early morning Thresher Shark dive, but came a bit too late. Saw thresher sharks circling in the far distance.

(4) Fish Sanctuary
12/28/2005, 10:30 am, 60 mins
max depth: 60 ft
air used: 2800 psi
notes: mostly small life, small cuttlefish, school of saltwater catfish in cave

(5) Japanese Wreck
12/28/2005, 5:30 pm, 60 mins
max depth: 50 ft
air used: 2500psi
Twilight dive. Japanese wreck in pieces along reef, a few colorful red mandarin fish, got dark during dive, had no flashlight for a night dive, very annoying.

(There was another early morning thresher shark dive at Monad Shoal the last day, but I opted to skip it. The group didn’t see any thresher sharks, but they did see some very large manta rays, but those were subsequently scared off by another group of flailing amateur divers.)