Snapshots from around Greenhills

I’m trying to formulate some dumb egg jokes for this egg-static breakfast but bad yolks like that are just too over-easy for me to bother the shell about.

Crying Fried Eggs

As always the Greenhills tiangge (bazaar) is a great place for lovely jewelry made from the aggregated nacreous excretions of irritated shellfish.


This is a new snack to me: “butchiron”, or deep fried chicken esophagus bits. Not only do you get delicious crunchy fried chicken flavor but it is pre-seasoned in life with whatever the chicken ate, things like corn feed and worms. Yum.


I was very tempted to get a pint of durian frozen dairy dessert but settled instead for some mango ice cream.

Durian Ice Cream

“PotDog” turned out to be neither.